Verdegro Attenuator services 


Verdegro provide to have the best and helpfull service for there customers. If you need assistance with an topic thats not displayed on this webpage? Please contact our sales team they will help you as soon as possible. 

Truck Repair

Your Attenuator Truck broken? Thats not a problem for the service team from Verdegro, for more information read more 

Truck build

Your company would like to have the safest Attenuator Truck on your truck, Verdegro helps customers with the build-up of the Attenuators that you sell, this is possible with a preferred partner or your own partner, for more information read more

custom trucks

At Verdegro, we continue to innovate new body designs that expand your possibilities on the job site. We have several preferred partners that can help you with special needs, for more information read more


Verdegro has a number of financial options available to its customers. If you need a Truck Mounted Attenuator, consider these options. Read more

Truck body

If you would like to uses your own truck as a TMA truck that is not a problem by Verdegro, Verdegro provides TMA body installations on your cab & chassis. for more information read more


When you buy a Attenuator Truck you would like that the upfitting would be arrange, for more information read more

Truck rental

Verdegro has serveral partners that can arrange your truck with a rental agreement. for more information read more