BLADE Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA MASH)

BLADE Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA MASH)

The safest Attenuator Truck in the Industry

About the BLADE-TMA

The No.1 MASH TMA; Finally a new leader is born. BLADE, the long awaited new Truck Mounted Attenuator. Full scale crash tested according the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) that suspesedes the 20 year old NCHRP-350. More benifits of the BLADE? Read more!

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BLADE Truck Mounted Attenuator

Technical specs:

  • Full scale crash tested and approved according the MASH 2016 TL-3 (3-50 / 3-51 / 3-52 / 3-53)
  • Full scale crash tested and approved according the UK optional 110K test TD49-07
  • Standard operation from truck with wired cabin controller
  • A 175 Amps plug is mounted, to power the entire machine from the vehicle 12Vdc or 24Vdc.
  • Complete hydraulic unit and electronics are mounted in a closed box
  • Two hydraulic rams to raise and lower the crash cushion
  • Galvanized steel structure
  • The aluminium crash cushion can be painted in any desired RAL color(s).
  • Delivered including test certifications and CE marking
  • EMC complaint
  • Under ride protection standard on the steel framework
  • Amazing test results!!! Read more!

MASH Tested, passed, fhwa eligible and dot approved

More information about the

BLADE- Truck Mounted Attenuator (MASH)

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Benifits of the blade-tma:


Only available TMA within the preffered values of 15G acc. MASH!  The No.1 MASH TMA with the highest safety level.
Optional tested and passed TD49/07 at 70mph/110kph Protect your workers with the safest, most innovative and highest safety level Truck Mounted Attenuator available.
Safely protects and redirects the impacting vehicle away from the "coffin corner" area at the rear of the truck.  FHWA eligible and DOT approved in most states within the US and Canada
Available with optional Dr. Aribrake automatic braking system, instantly locks brakes of host vehicle upon impact. Tested on a host vehicle from 16,010lbs (7262kg) with an upper weigh limit of 22,160lbs (10.033kg). Tested how it is used in real life! additional tested up to 40,000lbs/18.000kg
Useable on al box trucks Best service available by the Verdegro service team
Fully assembled BLADE-TMA attenuators shipped and easy to install using the truck bracket, no additional assembly (labor) costs! Optional truck bracket for quick and easy installation without any welding or fabrication costs (crash tested truck bracket, required by MASH)
Innovating new and patented design to absorb energy in retracted position  Modular desing, which results in lower repair cost and easy parts replacement 
 Fast deployment within 20 seconds from transport position to full operation mode. Can be deployed while driving at a speed of 50 mph/ 80 kph. No need for an expensive hydraulic raised arrow board frame
The optional arrow board is mounted on top of the attenuator Swap your attenuator+ arrow board over to another truck in 10 minutes
Hydraulic powerpack located in the attenuator Vertical position. Not losing any space on the truck bed as with a fold over attenuator
The open design and vetical transport position creates less wind resistance and vibration while driving No hydraulic hoses or extra pivot points in the impact absorbing area.
No need to install a bracket on your truck body or flatbed!! Keep your loading space for wath is is meant for!