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March 2003

The foundations of Verdegro

The foundations of Verdegro were laid in 2003 by Gerrit Verwijs and Sjoerd de Groot ( still operating today ) It was initiated with the development of mobile traffic systems. The company name Verdegro was based on the surnames of the two founders.


April 2005

Started development of the first Verdegro TMA, which lead to the Verdegro EU TMA based on NCHRP 350 TL2 & 3.

Verdegro belonged to the larger players on the EU market. Thanks to the development of the first LED solar power arrow trailer, which very soon became a great success in Europe, the need came to move into a larger building with better facilities, which was found in Roosendaal. Then .... Once in Roosendaal Verdegro got the largest European tender for the supply of mobile traffic systems in the history. This was the provision of 320 car-Drips (VMS) which you can still see on daily basis in the Netherlands. Again there was a tremendous growth of the company.


January 2008

We moved to our current Headquarter

Since 2008, the year Verdegro moved to Etten-Leur (the place where we still do business), Verdegro is one of the largest producers of mobile traffic systems in Europe.


April 2009

New crash test facillity openend

Verdegro invested in a crash test-lane and a research and development department, this led to an increase of new crash absorbing products


March 2010

350 TL-3

The TMA-US was launched acc. NCHRP 350 TL-3


May 2012

Trailer TMA

The Trailer TMA – US was launched acc. NCHRP 350- TL-3


February 2013

The Light TMA

The Light TMA ( LTMA ) was launched acc. NCHRP 350-TL-2


July 2014

The idea of Blade!

The main idea of the BLADE invention was born on a long ocean flight, when the Verdegro founders together were wondering the incredible strength of the composite aluminum thin H-beam airplane seatstructure. This was the first moment the idea of Cutting the composition out of a H-beam will lead to weak thin parts was born


August 2014

Development was started

Back at the factory the BLADE development team (lead by both founders) was started, based on the composite H-beam cutting idea!


2015/ 2016

Blade was Born!

During 2015 and 2016 it took 34 full scale crash tests and redesigns to develop the No1 MASH TMA. Finally the last 4 full scale crash tests at the Texas Transportation Institute has proven the unbelievable work this team had done, based on results ! In the meantime an artist made the incredible Blade Brand Desig. Now the brand “BLADE” was Born !


2016/ 2017

The first Blade

BLADE the No1 First MASH TMA is launched acc. MASH TL-3 !


February 2017

Verdegro USA!

Verdegro USA is being established



New production facility

BLADE Production facility is being build, the production space will be expend up to a 13.000 square meters


March 2017

First delivery in the USA

BLADE TMA will be available for the USA market!